‘Freak talent’ defies birth certificate; ‘quiet’ Roos exposed in 49-year worst: The 3-2-1

No home group, no concerns for Fremantle, which has leapt back right into the top 8 after tape-taping its 3rd successive success on Saturday evening versus a powerless North Melbourne at a vacant Optus Arena.

Followers were secured from the Perth colosseum because of Perth's snap three-day COVID lockdown, meaning the Dockers were without their vociferous home followers.

But it didn't issue for Justin Longmuir's guys, that tape-taped an emphatic 51-point win, 14.15 (99) to 6.12 (48), over the Kangaroos, that are currently 0-6 — their worst begin to a period since 1972.

Fremantle made the fast start, with Nat Fyfe taking a spectacular grab going back with the flight of the ball before Lachie Schultz snapped the opening major of the game — his first of three for the game.

But North’s midfield began to assume control of the control of the game as the first term progressed, with Jack Ziebell, Ben Cunnington, Jy Simpkin and Tom Powell lifting their output around the ball. It led to two consecutive goals to Will Phillips and Jaidyn Stephenson to give North an early lead.
“There’s a few warning signs for the Dockers. They’re a bit lacklustre,” Fremantle legend Matthew Pavlich told Fox Footy.

“The Dockers need to switch on.”

Luckily David Mundy stepped up late in the term to nail a classy goal, before Matt Taberner was controversially paid a mark on the quarter-time siren — even though it sounded like he took the mark after the siren sounded — and kicked a goal to give the Dockers a 10-point lead at the first change.

Any fears of a Kangaroos upset were quickly allayed within the first 10 minutes of the second term as Fremantle flexed its muscles.

The Dockers slammed on four quick goals to Mundy, Schultz, Taberner and Travis Colyer as their midfield denied the Kangaroos from getting their hands on the footy.

“They (the Kangaroos) are just disorganised now behind the ball,” five-time premiership Hawk Dermott Brereton told Fox Footy.

“There’s not one play where you see Fremantle kicking the ball forward of centre where they’ve been under pressure.”

Nat Fyfe of the Dockers is tackled by Kayne Turner of the Kangaroos. Picture: Daniel Carson
Nat Fyfe of the Dockers is tackled by Kayne Turner of the Kangaroos. Picture: Daniel CarsonSource: Getty Images

Dual premiership Kangaroo David King added: “Colyer has gone for an 80m run and some of the Kangaroo defenders haven’t wanted to commit to that sort of level.

“It’s been a really disappointing last 15 minutes for the Kangaroos. They’ve gone into their shell.

“They’ve bust been too tough, too organised and brutal in heavy traffic.”

Stephenson finally broke the Kangaroos’ goal drought late in the second term, receiving a slick handball from Tarryn Thomas then bursting away to nail a brilliant goal on the run. But the Dockers’ early-term blitz ensured they led by 28 points at the main break — and, ultimately, it was an unassailable lead.

The Kangaroos started the third term promisingly, kicking two of the first three goals of the quarter. But the Dockers again responded and lifted their intensity around the contest, with Sean Darcy, Schultz and Michael Walters all booting goals for the margin to balloon out to 40 points at the final change.

“That’s the gap in the game at the moment, that composure with ball in hand,” King said.

“The Kangaroos want to go fast when it’s the wrong time, they want to go slow when there’s options ahead of the ball – but not the senior core players from Fremantle.”

Nat Fyfe of the Dockers. Picture: Will Russell
Nat Fyfe of the Dockers. Picture: Will RussellSource: Getty Images

North ruckman Tom Campbell marked strongly to kick the first goal of the first term before Taberner and Schultz shared majors between them to seal the 51-point victory.

The 3-2-1 from Fremantle’s win over North Melbourne


It’s official: The AFL world is gushing over David Mundy, who continues to defy his birth certificate.

In the 338th game of his 17th season, the Fremantle veteran was colossal around stoppages to inspire Fremantle’s match-defining four-goal blitz during the second term.

By half-time, Mundy had two goals, 20 disposals and six clearances to his name, dominating around stoppages to help the Dockers set up an unassailable lead.

“He’s destroyed them singlehandedly in that midfield,” dual premiership Kangaroo David King told Fox Footy.

“He started this shift. The Kangaroos were on top in patches early and then said ‘no, not on my watch’.”

Mundy’s second goal, in particular, was sublime. After sharking a Todd Goldstein hit-out, Mundy baulked and fooled Kangaroos teammate Lachie Young, hurdled over him and ran into an open goal.

“He’s a freak talent this guy,” King said. “I know he’s in the back-end of his (playing) days, he’s 35 years of age – he shouldn’t be doing this. His birth certificate says he should be past this.

The 35-year-old would finish with three goals from 30 disposals, 15 contested possessions and eight clearances.

It was just the latest stunning performance from Mundy this season.

In Fremantle’s four wins so far this season, Mundy has averaged 29.5 disposals, 13.5 contested possessions, 10.3 score involvements, 6.3 inside 50s, 6.8 clearances, 452m gained and 133 ranking points.

Asked if Mundy was in career-best form, former Dockers teammate Matthew Pavlich told Fox Footy: “No I just think we’re starting to take notice of him, frankly. I think he’s been at this sort of standard for a period of time.

“He’s been a star for years, both across the half-back line when he first started and now over the last 10 years as a midfielder.

“It’s his ability to read where the ball’s going ahead of his opposition. That reaction time … it’s the beauty of someone like David Mundy.”


The Kangaroos remain the only winless team in the AFL, slumping to 0-6 for the first time in 49 years.

They showed promise at the start of the game before the Dockers kicked six goals straight across the first and second terms.

With no fans at Optus Stadium, Pavlich said the Kangaroos’ lack of talk during the Dockers’ surge was stark.

“Normally there’d be 45,000 to 50,000 people in attendance for a Len Hall game, but it is an eerie feeling,” Pavlich told Fox Footy.

“You talk about leadership aspect from some of the players, when North Melbourne got behind in that second term, they all went quiet. You couldn’t really hear them.

“Their test is when they’re being challenged, so who’s the one that stands up? Who are the few that can rally the troops and get in to win the ball, but also help in terms of leading their teammates?”

There were a few positive signs for the Kangaroos. Veterans Jack Ziebell and Ben Cunnington had 62 touches between them, while young guns Tom Powell and Jy Simpkin showed great toughness around the ball.

But, obviously, there’s still ample to work on.

“It’s just little things, little components of the Kangaroos’ game that’s falling apart,” King said. “A sloppy handball here, a kick that’s near enough to the target but not favouring the forward.

“They’re only small margins, but against quality opposition like Fremantle, you’re made to pay a price.”


Jaidyn Stephenson continued his excellent statistical start to his North Melbourne stint on Saturday night. But there might be two efforts without the ball that he’d like back.

Stephenson finished with two goals for the fourth consecutive week to go with 18 disposals.

But it’s what he did without the ball that caught the attention of King and Brereton.

As the Dockers started to get some scoreboard ascendancy in the second term, Travis Colyer sensed an opportunity to sprint forward and impact the scoreboard. And his direct opponent at the time, Stephenson, didn’t go with him.

It allowed Colyer to get loose inside the forward 50 and take a mark to create a set-shot at goal.

“He doesn’t really want to work back, doesn’t really want to help that back six – so then it becomes a foot race,” King told Fox Footy at half-time.

“Despite the fact Stephenson’s had eight disposals and kicked two goals in a half, we’re judging this team without the football. We’re judging your want to help your fellow defenders in the back six.”

The second incident came midway through the third term when Stephenson failed to pick up the ball, or even lay a hand on Fremantle big man Rory Lobb, in a one-on-one contest. Lobb ultimately won the hard ball, got a handball into the middle of the ground and set up a Dockers score.

“Jaidyn Stephenson needed to go hard in the 50-50 ball there and he didn’t,” King said.

“He had to take a hit for the team. If you’re going to bring that when the opposition are standing under a ball like (Cam) Zurhaar and (Kayne) Turner has tonight, you need to do your time.”

Brereton added: “He’s been far from their worst player, but Jaidyn Stephenson had a chance to run at the footy … and there’s a non-negotiable: Just win the footy. If you allow that act to go unmentioned, that can creep through the rest of the group.

“I think he’s done some wonderful thins Jaidyn, but he’s not Robbie Flower. You didn’t want Robbie Flower killed in a contest like that because he was so good, so you’ve got to earn your stripes to get to that stage. He’s only a light man Jaidyn, but if you allow that to continue, other players can take that shortcut as well.”

However with the Dockers cruising to victory, Stephenson produced a great chase and tackle late in the fourth quarter to force a Fremantle turnover – an act that drew praise from King and Brereton.

“That will be regarded during the week because you don’t become a good football club until you recognise those actions that don’t go on a stats sheet or on the scoreboard,” King said.

“You raise the collective standards. He let himself down earlier in the game and then he’s backed it up midway through the last quarter.”

source : foxsports

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